Vital Infuse smoothie and juice bar was created in April 2015 by founder/owner Kedar K Graham.


    Kedar K Graham was always physically active from the age of 12 taking up martial arts, basketball in high school, soccer , riding BMX for 12 years with first place trophies to prove his skill level, running track & field in high school, bodybuilding and powerlifting after college.

Going through all these activities gave him the interest that opened the doors to finding the proper foods to eat to get better results as well as healing fatigue and sickness. Bodybuilding and powerlifting is where my nutrition knowledge began.


    When he (Kedar Graham/Owner) used to take a lot of supplements he would read all the labels and find words he couldn’t pronounce, it led him to find the meanings of all the words. The majority of these hard to pronounce words were discovered as plants, fruits, oils, and even blends and extracts 90% of the time. He then started to compare effects on the body while taking both supplements and natural foods in individual weeks in the month, He also collected measurements that would have equaling effects on the body, understanding which one is more convenient, and also comparing price differences and why people would buy process bioengineer products versus God’s natural gifts.


    Kedar Graham is very passionate at what he does. He loves to learn more and more about natural foods and herbs that bring life, maintain life, restore life and build life. Many years ago even thousands of years ago people never ate like that, so we’re able to live hundreds of years based on what foods they knew to eat. Their weren’t any processed foods around and they didn’t eat meat as much, all they ate were fruits and vegetables, herbs, and grains with fish.


    We are so far lost on how we should in-take real food. Mainly because of the food industries using words we can’t pronounce on our labels and all the percentages and serving sizes one should eat to achieve optimal health or just to have a healthy lifestyle. Vital Infuse was create to end that, we plan to heal the nation state by state, town by town, village by village with the creators knowledge and resources he.... left...... for............ us.

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